South Africa

We represent several outstanding outfitters in South Africa. Our primary outfitters operate in the Limpopo Province and on the Eastern Cape, but we also work with outfitters in Swaziland and Kwa Zulu Natal, where our outfitter offers some of the finest nyala hunting in South Africa.

In the Eastern Cape, we work with Blaauwkrantz Safaris. Blaauwkrantz has accommodated international hunters on their 52,000-acre Eastern Cape ranch since 1978. In this time, they have hosted many top hunters, including Craig Boddington and several Weatherby Award winners. Blaauwkrantz is home to the largest population of East Cape kudu in Africa, and 60% of the SCI East Cape kudu have been taken here.

Blaauwkrantz is truly a hunter's paradise, offering over 30 species of game of the highest quality. Because they own their own property and don't have to buy game, Blaauwkrantz is able to offer several inexpensive package hunts, as well as hunting on an a la carte basis. Prices start at only $3,800 for a 6 day, 6 night, 5 animal package!

Blaauwkrantz' guests stay in the spacious lodge, which is situated right on the property, only 45 minutes by car from scenic Port Elizabeth. In addition to the world class hunting, Blaauwkrantz offers offshore fishing, tours to local game parks and cultural villages, and shopping excursions to Port Elizabeth. The myriad of extra activities makes Blaauwkrantz an excellent vacation destination for the whole family

Bob White's 55" East Cape Kudu – Blaauwkrantz Safaris

In South Africa's Northern and Kwa Zulu Natal Provinces, our outfitters hunt several large concessions with terrain that varies from open savannah to craggy mountains to thorn-choked bush. In every case, these areas offer the finest habitat for the wildlife that is indigenous to these areas.

In the Limpop Province, our outfitter offers over 20 species of big game, with kudu, eland, gemsbok, impala, and warthog being the primary species. In Kwa Zulu Natal, bushbuck and nyala are the most sought after species, although all the spiral horned antelope do well here, as do the blue wildebeest, bushpig, and warthog.

In both areas, our outfitters offer luxurious accommodations, delicious meals, and friendly staff.

Blaauwkrantz' guests stay in the spacious and luxurious lodge, which is situated right on the property, only 45 minutes by car from scenic Port Elizabeth. In addition to the world class hunting, Blaauwkrantz offers offshore fishing, tours to local game parks and cultural villages, and shopping excursions to Port Elizabeth. The myriad of extra activities makes Blaauwkrantz an excellent vacation destination for the whole family.

Thaba Mmoyo Safaris is located in South Africa's Northern Province. These are some of the best hunting grounds in Africa, offering a mix of open savannah and craggy mountain ranges. Thaba Mmoyo's 200,000-acre ranch is home to many species of game, including Kudu, Eland, Gemsbok, Impala, and Warthog.

Thaba Mmoyo has been accommodating foreign hunters in their luxury lodge since 1981. Their experienced staff is dedicated to providing you with a first class safari, and their attention to detail can be noticed in every facet of the hunt, from meals and lodging, to the safari vehicles and professional hunters. The hunting here is second to none, and as with all of our outfitters, Thaba Mmoyo offers a fair chase hunting experience.


Tanzania offers a unique opportunity to experience the classic, East African safari that is reminiscent of Ruark and Hemmingway, and it's one of the last places where you can enjoy the wild Africa that is synonymous with the word "safari". Tanzania offers a full range of game, from the diminutive Gazelles and Gerenuk, to the Big 4 (elephant, buffalo, lion, and leopard). For the safari you always dreamed of, look to Tanzania.

Luke Samaras Safaris is one of the oldest and largest safari companies in Tanzania. Luke has excellent areas in Masailand and the Selous, where he is able to offer excellent hunting for all of the Tanzanian species. His traditional, tented camps are luxurious, and his staff offers the highest level of service.

Masai family in Tanzania

Luke's Masailand concession has a tremendous buffalo population, and several record book heads have come out of this area. Lion and leopard populations are very high, as are the success rates. Masailand is also where oryx, gerenuk, and the gazelles are hunted.

John Colglazier's Lesser Kudu – Luke Samaras Safaris

The famed Selous is probably Tanzania's best hunting area. Offering a large population of plains game and buffalo, as well as lion and leopard densities so high that they are often seen walking around during the day, the Selous is truly a hunter's paradise. The Selous also offers excellent elephant hunting later in the season. While not possessing large bodies, the bulls carry the long, elegant ivory that is typical of East African elephant.

Miombo Safaris also offers high quality hunts in several areas in Tanzania, but are primarily noted for their special buffalo and elephant areas, Lukwika and Kilombero North.

Situated near the Mozambique border, Lukwika is one of the few remaining places in Africa where you have a chance at a true trophy elephant. This hunt is for the serious elephant trophy hunter, and very few safaris are conducted here each year.

Victor Chiravanich's 62 pound Elephant Bull

Miombo's Kilombero concession offers some of the most unique hunting in Africa. While it does boast high populations of lion, hippo, crocodile, and several plains game species, Kilombero is best known for its excellent buffalo hunting. Boats and canoes are used extensively in this area, which makes this one of the most unique hunts in Africa.

Because of the high buffalo density in this area, Miombo Safaris offers several 7-day buffalo hunts each year. The price is very reasonable, with 1x1 hunts costing $9,000, and 2x1 hunts for $6,850, and 2 buffalo may be taken on this hunt. There is also excellent fishing for Tiger Fish and Vundu, the huge catfish that can attain weights of up to 90 pounds!


Long considered one of the top hunting destinations in Africa, Zimbabwe offers a wide variety of game at affordable prices. All of the Big 4 may be hunted here, as well as many species of plains game. Our outfitter, HHK Safaris, offers hunting on both private ranches and government concessions.

Tim Wegner’s 42-inch Zimbabwe buffalo

HHK Safaris is Zimbabwe's largest safari company. They have exclusive rights to several prime dangerous game concessions, as well as the 850,000 acre Lemco ranch in Zimbabwe's Lowveld. HHK is uniquely situated to handle all of your safari needs, from 7 day plains game adventures on our Lemco ranch to 21 day classic, full bag safaris.

HHK Safaris operates 13 different camps throughout the country. All are of the highest quality, with each chalet or tent featuring a flush toilet and hot, running water. Their experienced chefs cater to every taste, the camp staff is second to none, and they have several of the best professional hunters in Zimbabwe in their employ.

Due to the number of areas they control and the size of their buffalo quota, HHK Safaris also offers a special rate of $6,950 for a limited number of 5-day buffalo hunts each year.


Often overlooked, Namibia is fast becoming one of the premier hunting destinations in Africa. With a pleasant climate, great infrastructure, and reasonable prices, Namibia is a great place for a first safari. We currently work with one of the best outfitters in Namibia, Ozondjahe Safaris.

Kevin Howard with his fine Ozondjahe wildebeest

Encompassing over 75,000 acres, Ozondjahe Safaris is one of the largest private nature reserves in Namibia. Ozondjahe offers fair chase bow and rifle hunting for 29 species of game. With a luxury lodge, excellent trophy quality, and high numbers of game, Ozondjahe is a great destination for a family or corporate outing, as well as for the discriminating hunter who is looking for a first-class plains game safari.


Zambia has re-opened for 2003 and the prospects look great! Long known as one of the premier destinations for lion and big buffalo before hunting closed there a few years ago, we are thrilled to be able to finally hunt Zambia again. In addition to dangerous game and basic plains game, lechwe (Kafue and Black), roan, sitatunga, and Crawshay's waterbuck may also be taken here.

Leopard Ridge Safaris offers hunts in their Nyampala concession in the Luangwa Valley, the swamps, and several private ranches. Leopard Ridge uses traditional tented and thatched camps, built to the highest standards in scenic locations. We are excited about the reopening of Zambia and hope to have a successful season with Leopard Ridge Safaris.

Other Countries

We also offer hunts in Cameroon, the Central African Republic, and Ethiopia. Our Central African outfitters have a proven record of taking record class bongo and Lord Derby eland. In Ethiopia, we have a limited number of Mountain nyala hunts available each year.

John Colglazier’s CAR Giant Eland