Our South American Outfitters offer bird and big game hunts on several prime hunting concessions throughout the country. You will stay in one of several luxurious estancias located in the heart of their scenic hunting areas, and experience wonderful South American meals, wines, and hospitality.

Trophy South America Red Stag

Our big game hunting is second to none. Plentiful populations of water buffalo, pigs, blackbuck, and other exotics are available in all of our areas, but red stags are the big draw here. Our outfitter hunts over 200,000 prime, low-fence acres of Las Pampas for majestic stags. Prime hunting is in March and April when the stags are roaring.

Call or e-mail for current pricing and information on our big game and red stag packages.

Our outfitters also offer outstanding bird hunting in the famed Cordoba Province, as well as excellent dove, duck, and pigeon hunting in Salta. While Salta is not as popular as Cordoba, the hunting here is second to none, and Salta is fast-becoming known as the best bird hunting destination in the world. For more information, check out our wing shooting page.