Our outfitter, Shikar Safaris, is the leader in Asian hunting. Although they are best known for their Marco Polo Sheep hunting, they offer an unprecedented selection of Asian hunts. Shikar Safaris is well represented in the record books, and they enjoy an excellent reputation as regards their camps and service.

Kamchatka Bear


Marco Polo Sheep are hunted in the Pamir Mountains, which is known as the roof of the world. These sheep have the longest horns of any of the wild sheep, and are considered by many to be the "Holy Grail" of sheep hunting. Large numbers of sheep are present, and 300-1,000 can be seen here daily. This is a world-class hunt, with excellent accommodations, English speaking guides, and proven trophy quality. Ibex can also be taken on the way out of the area if you are able to take your sheep early.

Record Book Marco Polo Sheep taken in Tajikistan


The Tian Shan Mountains are home to the Kirghiz Marco Polo, the Tian Shan Argali, and the Tian Shan Ibex. Trophy quality is excellent in this area, with very high game concentrations. Comfortable camps and the use of horses make this hunt a memorable experience.


Shikar Safaris hunts the Bezoar Ibex, Wild Boar, and the Anatolian Ibex in Turkey. The Bezoar Ibex has the longest horns in relation to bodyweight, and is arguably the most beautiful Ibex.

The Wild Boar is hunted throughout Turkey by several methods. These can include driven hunts and stalking by moonlight from our beautiful yacht base. Boars here can get huge, with weights between 200-500 pounds, with tusks from 8-10" long!

A small number of Anatolian Chamois are hunted each season. These Chamois are indigenous to Turkey, and horn length averages 8-10".

You cal also cruise the Mediterranean on an 80-100' luxury yacht. Enjoy scenic views, warm, crystal clear water, swimming, diving, fishing, and moonlight boar hunting on this romantic cruise. This is a great family or couples trip.


Having organized hunting in Pakistan for many years, Shikar Safaris has more experience than anyone else in this vast and varied land. Many species exist here, but only the mountain goats, wild sheep, and boars may be hunted.

Huge Pakistani Markhor

Pakistan is the only country in the world where the Markhor may be legally hunted. The Kasmir, Astor, and Sulaiman Markhor are found in Pakistan, and the world record Markhor was shot with Shikar Safaris.

Blanford, Punjab, and Afghan Urial are found in Pakistan. All 3 species are hunted in different areas, and trophy quality of all 3 is excellent.

Sind and Himalayan Ibex can be found in several areas in Pakistan, and can often be combined with Markhor or Urial.

Pakistan has the largest Wild Boar population in Asia, and the hunting is excellent. When hunting with beaters, it is possible to take 40-60 boars in a few days. Most boars have large tusks and tremendous bodies.


China opened to international hunters in 1985. Gobi Argali, Takin, White-Lipped Deer, Blue Sheep, and many other Argali sub species can be hunted here. This is a great hunt with high game concentrations, and several species can be combined on most hunts.


Mogolia is home to the High Altai Arali, the largest sheep in the world. The High Altai Ibex is also present here, and both species can be combined on one hunt. Hangai and Gobi Argali and Gobi Ibex are also present in good numbers. Many record class trophies of all species are taken here each year.


Kamchatka offers excellent hunting for Kamchatka Brown Bear, Kamchatka Bighorn, and Moose. These big bears can attain heights of 10", and skull measurements of 24-29".

The above list represents only a small selection of our Asian hunts. We also offer hunts in Iran, Kazakhstan, Magadan, Turkmenistan, Caucusus, and Azerbaijan for all the species available in these countries. Please call or e-mail for complete information on our Asian hunts.