We outfit whitetail, pig, and exotic hunts on several ranches throughout Texas. Most of our deer and hog hunts take place in South Texas, and we hunt exotics primarily in the scenic Hill Country. Our ranches are selected for the quality of game and the overall hunting experience they provide. We don't hunt any small ranches, and if a property is high fenced, it must be large enough and offer enough cover to ensure a fair chase hunting experience.


We work with several ranches in South Texas’ famed Golden Triangle to offer you the finest in fair chase whitetail hunting. Our ranches range in size from 5,000-15,000 acres and each is strictly managed to ensure the finest trophy quality. While the size of each ranch and the lodging provided varies, each provides a comfortable place to stay, good food, and an excellent chance at taking a fantastic trophy buck.

Over the last four seasons, our ranches have produced several bucks that have grossed over 170 B&C, with 2 grossing over 180, including 186 1/8 monster that entered the prestigious Boone and Crockett record book with a net score of 182 4/8. Our long term average on trophy hunts is 153 B&C.

Mike Coggins' Trophy Buck - 155 B&C

For those hunters looking for a more affordable experience, we also offer some excellent medal hunts. Medal hunts include a buck, a doe, a hog, and unlimited predators. Medal bucks are still impressive trophies, with most bucks being 8 or 10 point deer with a gross score between 120-145 B&C.

Greg Rodriguez' 22 ¾" (inside spread) Medal Buck

Our Hill Country Ranches are an excellent destination for the corporate or family group looking for a quality hunting experience and a nice buck. While we do not shoot many monsters in the Hill Country, we have a virtual 100% success rate on mature bucks in the 110-140 range, although larger bucks are occasionally taken.

Trophy Hunts

$2,000 - Hill Country whitetail hunt
$2,750 - South Texas Medal Hunt
$4,500-$6,500 - South Texas Trophy Hunts (price varies form ranch-to-ranch)

Clanton Woods 2005 Hill Country buck

Pig Hunts

Our South Texas ranches have large populations of pigs and predators. This ensures steady action and makes this a great, low-pressure hunt for a family or corporate outing. We have several openings in the spring of 2006 for this very popular package. For only $795 per person, you can take unlimited pigs and predators on this 2 ½- day hunt. Minimum of 2 hunters required to book.


Our exotic hunts take place in the Texas Hill Country. We hunt on several properties for over 30 species of game from around the world. While our ranches are mostly high-fenced, they are large enough (most are between 1,500-3,500 acres) and rough enough that they provide a quality hunting experience. Our hunts are primarily spot and stalk, and we do not shoot from the truck. Our primary species are:

Wes Webber's gold medal Red Stag - 2002

Fallow Deer
Axis Deer
Red Stag
Rams (Corsican, Dall, Hawaiian)
Scimitar Oryx
Sika Deer

This is just a small sample of the species we have available. Please call (281) 494-4151 for a current price list.